Monday, December 5, 2016

December Golf Course Update

Last week we received almost two inches of much needed rain and has helped to recharge the soil profile going into the winter. This has also put a damper on some of our projects that have already started.

  • New tee on #18 is delayed until we can work the soil, this tee will lengthen the white tee markers close to 30 yards. 

  • Golf course leaf clean up is slowly coming to an end.
  • Fairway Deep tine is complete and we are currently using the deep tine machine on the tees.

  • Curb install is on going, we are currently installing behind one green. We also will be raising the drain basin up. Our goal with raising this area up us to facilitate an easier walk to the green and reduce the wear and tear the turfgrass receives. The white outline is our working area and will be the tie in point when all complete. 

  • Our most notable project started today, we have contracted out Mid-Atlantic Dryject services to inject sand into our upper profile of the greens. As you can see from the photos, this is a gentle process to the surface of the but underneath you can see the results. This is just another process to help us reduce our organic matter in the upper surface of the green. The results will pay dividends during the summer. Tuesdays forecast includes rain, and on Wednesday we will finish up the few remaining greens.