Monday, November 9, 2015

Winter Prep and projects

Leaf clean up has been on going with many leaves still clinging on. We anticipate in the next week or so to be almost complete.  Our winter projects are off to a good start! We are prepping for a golf car turnaround next to the tees on #8, new tee on 15 is being built with completion next week and open for play for the start of next season.  Our rough was badly injured from the recent drought and we have taken steps to help remedy it. For example you have seen the compost being applied. This is the best way to change a 100% clay soil structure to something that grass can thrive better in. The compost adds nutrients and most importantly helps with water retention during times of drought. This process will take place every year, very similar to our fairway top dressing program. We also have up the amount of times we aerify the rough to 4 total for the year. Currently we have several holes completed. Once the course is completed for this time, we will turn around and do it again starting in December. With rain in the forecast for tomorrow, we are top dressing greens. The rain helps to drive the sand into the turf canopy.  Stay tuned for more winter projects on the way.