Thursday, December 22, 2011

Quick Drainage Install

With a good chance of rain arriving this evening we switched gears and installed some much needed drainage behind one green. This area is always wet and is a high traffic route for golfers. We have a little more work to do  but not bad considering we started this morning with a limited amount of guys to help. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

#8 Bathroom Project

Our other project taking place is the bathroom on #8 has been getting a small make over. The problem that we have been running into is typically we would have to shut down the bathroom in November to winterize the pipes. The building was not equipped with any kind of heat nor insulation. We have torn down the siding and insulated all four walls as well as move the pipes from inside the wall to the interior part of the back wall. I discovered some structural issues in the front over hang that we will be moving to help distribute the load. This will be replaced with heavy beams and give it a better appearance. We are proud that all of this work is being done in house.



Project Updates

Almost two weeks ago on #8 green we started the task of moving the greens loop. It finally feels good to say that we have completed this and in the process of back filling the trench and ready to replace the sod. All heads are functioning properly and we feel that from a turf managers perspective that this will help our problem in the front of the green and from a golfers perspective removing the two heads that were in the middle of the approach in front of the green. Also the drainage installation is wrapping up to a point that this to is almost ready for us to replace the sod. 

Our Tee alignment has taken a back seat so that we can progress more on the projects on #8 but we have finished up to #8 tee. Next week when #8 is complete we will re-direct all of our staff to kick the tee project in high gear and weather permitting finish this by the end of the month.