Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Perspective, Playing the Course Backwards

It finally feels like winter and the grass is turning more dormant by the day with night time temperatures in the teens. As we transition from the unusually warm weather this past December, we begin the process of closing the greens and moving to our temporary locations. Below is a communication we have sent out. 

"The cold weather has decided to move in and with this, the ground has started to freeze.  Because of this we have decided to move to Temporary Greens for play.  This year for winter play, we have set the golf course up differently then in years past.  This winter we are going to play the golf course backwards!  We have set up the tee markers in front of the greens, and you will play back to a temporary hole to the designated tee box where the flag is placed.  The idea behind this is to minimize wear and compaction around the typical play areas of the golf course.  Plus it will give you a different perspective on playing the course during the winter months.

Starting this week, only the back nine will be set up for play as the Green staff is starting greens aerification on the front nine greens.  So the first tee will be in the 18th hole fairway!!!  Please make sure you check in the golf shop before you tee off." 

Back 9 setup, notice the flag location and and the tee line.