Monday, June 20, 2011

Aerifying and Verticutting

Today we have started to aerify the fairways with solid tines. The past few weeks have been pretty hard on the course because of the lack of rain in our forecasts. By poking a hole we are allowing the irrigation and what little rain we may get penetrate down to the roots at a faster pace. Not to mention of just "opening up" the turf grass to facilitate air and gas exchange as well as compaction relief.

Also another cultural practice that is taking place is the verti-cutting of the greens along with top dressing. This helps us with a much denser turf grass to remove any grass that is laid over to improve our over all cut on the greens. And in regards to plant material, 25 leyland cypress trees have been planted behind the 16th green to promote a living fence that will block the homes behind. In the future we plan on extending the cypress trees to follow the fence behind the 17th pro tee.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Typical Friday

It all starts with my assistants on a re-cap of what took place Thursday to the crew, as well as some keys things to work on. Then we lead into the Friday duties for the guys. Sometimes it can be a log jam trying to get different pieces of equipment out, just when I get to the point of frustration it all works out. You see Friday is when we mow the most turf and is also our detail day for the weekend. All hands are on deck to complete the mornings task. I have attached some photos of what we are doing this morning. Here is a list of things that we do, Drag fairways to remove dew (this helps keep disease down to a minimum) mow and roll greens, mow approaches and fairways, mow intermediate, rake all bunkers, fill all water coolers and divot bottle containers and finish up mowing rough for the weekend. All and all we mow about 37 acres of bent grass and the rough is about 80 acres. So there is quite a bit to do here.