Friday, April 19, 2013

Golf Course Update

We have been extremely busy since my last post and the grass has begun to grow out of its winter state. Greens are almost healed as well as fairways. We have been working hard finishing our Teaching Tee with the end in sight. This will be a great benefit to the teaching staff and you the golfer when taking a lesson. The expansion has added over 3,000 square feet and was duly needed. The golf course has for the first time this year been completely mowed and this is the time of year were it can grow at an alarming rate. Our mulch beds have been getting a make over with plenty more to go rounding up beds and applying new mulch. This Monday we will resume our bunker preparations,  we were delayed on our sand delivery and will work diligently to finish this project of checking depths and adding sand. 

#8 mulch bed expansion

Teaching Tee drainage prep

Adding the New Tee Mix

Sodding the Teaching Tee addition 

The guys applying fertilizer to the entire course

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Warm Weather Soon!

Today I actually had to take my jacket off for the first time this year. We are expecting warmer temperatures to arrive starting this weekend and next week with some days in the 70's. This week we aerified and top dressed Tees as well as fwy top dressing. We are closing in on our Teaching Tee extension at the back of the Range, pictures next week. We have increased the Teaching Tee size to accommodate the Pro-shop when they teach. The original Tee was very small and at times could not grow grass fast enough. 

We are moving into our second phase of the Audubon Program here at the club. I would like to ask for your help on inventorying the wildlife that we have on the golf course. All I need is a picture taken of the wildlife and if you know exactly what it is to identify that as well. If you do not know the animal then I can look it up. This would be a tremendous help and the more eyes the better. If you would like to read more information on this program for Golf Courses please visit

Greens have been mowed and rolled today for the first time this year, we expect them to start healing  with the warm weather that is on its way. 
Removing the cores off the Tee

Top Dressing Tees

First Mow on the 3rd green, we kept our finger crossed not
to scalp. Remember, this was one of the greens we
repaired the drainage on.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Last Week Update

Last week our internet was down and of course we had the snow storm. We made good use of our time from the snow delay. While waiting for the snow to melt we decided to do a quick drainage install on #1 tee cart path edge. A total of 232 feet of perforated pipe was installed along with two basins. The reason behind this is when we have a rain event all of the water rolls off the hill side that is left of the tees and crosses the path. This then saturates the cart path edge. With a saturated cart path edge and add cart tires that are supposed to stay on the the path, you can visualize a muddy mess.
You can see the standing water on the edge

trenched and ready to remove the spoils
Water already working its way down the trench
Basin installed and ready for the extension
Adding and tamping the sand 
Sod was laid down and project complete