Sunday, December 21, 2014

Course Update

We have wrapped up our drainage project on #3 fairway and all that is left is to remove part of the cart path, where we will pour a new concrete piece and set our drain basin.  The new approach extension on #4 is complete as well as the new top fairway extension on #16.  Our fairway top dressing efforts were slowed because of a seal that we have to replace. We hope to have that up and running very soon. Next we we plan on adding drainage near the bridge on #16 in the rough and get the pig bath draining next to #11 green where you park your cart.

#4 new approach addition

#16 Fairway extension

Now, the 100 yardage marker is in the fairway and not in the rough.

#16 New Drainage ready to be trenched.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Number 4 Approach Addition

Monday, December 15, 2014

Golf Course Update

Things are moving along very well and we just keep knocking out and adding to our winter list of projects before the next season. Lately it has been a very wet winter season and mix that with our fairway top dressing program equals basically sand patties that take a while to dry out and drag into the fairway. We have knocked out a few fairways that have already been top dressed so they will look a little cleaner next time your out.

We have started our next drainage project on #3 fairway. This will alleviate the puddling of water on the cart path edge and the water that settles in the middle of the fairway, Once complete we will be onto the next drainage project located on #16 where the carts exit, stay tuned on that.

And finally we have some sod that will be delivered for the the top fairway on #16. We wanted to bring the fairway down a little bit and this will incorporate the 100 yard marker that was previously in the rough. The approach on #4 will be expanded on the right side of the green as you walk up. The reason for this is because we have done this on various other holes on the back and need to incorporate them on the front, it will be very subtle when complete and will look great.

#3 drainage install, prepping for the trencher

#3 drainage

Look closely and you can see the extension, or grass we cut
and will be replaced with bentgrass.

#16 side view

Cleaning up the sand in the fairways

We also top dressed greens before the chance of rain on Tuesday.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Drainage projects

Over the past two weeks we have been working very hard on adding drainage to the golf course. Below is a great example of our next projects. Going out when it is raining is the best way to plot your new drain lines. The first photo is from #15 and the second is #3.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

First Day of the Syngenta Business Institute held at Wake ForestUniversity

Looking forward to learning the business side of our industry. Topics that will be discussed are financial management, leading across cultures and generations,effective negotiations as well as leading individuals and teams.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Course update

The spike in the weather has been very nice for some winter golf, much needed when you look back at how November shaped up. What's interesting is they all seem to fall on a Monday, glad we were able to open the course on those days because at some point it will be consistently cold.

Fairway top dressing has been going very well and will continue as the weather allows us, hence the sand in the parking lot. We also have started and just about finished our first drainage project for the winter on 14 approach.  If you remember over the summer this area was extremely wet and even lost a little grass. This fix will make it playable and remove the swamp that was once there. Our next drainage task will be at the bottom of the approach on 13. Yes, another constant wet area.  Drainage is an important part of the over all golf course playability and you will always have areas to work on, essentially it's never ending, especially when you have springs that could emerge creating a problem. As a golf course manager doing drainage on the golf course is one of my favorite projects because it's instant gratification.