Friday, February 22, 2013

# 6 Green Update

This week we have been working a little slower because of the low night time temperatures freezing the ground. The guys in the earlier part of the week went from easy digging to having to hack out the frozen clay for our new drain lines. What we have found is that we are missing a drain line which we will install, and we are adding two more in the low area that we see most of our problems. Also the main line down the middle has been widened because the pipe was sitting next to the clay wall, and yet again there was no positive fall for the water to exit. Unfortunately this green lacks the appropriate sunlight and air movement and its becomes very important that we increase the drainage to help us dry the green down faster. We have made our goals modest for the week and we are achieving them day by day. We hope to have this project wrapped up and sod laid down by Monday afternoon. 

 If weather allows we will start to aerify the greens earlier this year in preparation for the golf season. Our basis behind this is usually we impact half of April and part of May and we lose a good amount of the year to greens healing. Our main concern is to make sure that we keep up the standards of being poa annua free in the greens and if we see a change in that next fall we will alter the schedule. I do not foresee an issue but it is always something that we need to be on a look out for. With that being said because we are aerifying the greens earlier, the month of March will be used to heal the greens. 

Above are the images we are using in the repairs
of #6 green. Again the blue is water sitting in the green.

Top left is the missing drain line we added,
 and the other two lines ,of which
one is in process.
This is one problem we found, it appears the construction
crew did not want to get the right fitting.  So they drilled a hole and used foam to hold the pipe in. Not a good construction practice to use! 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Project Update

The weather so far this year has been up and down from almost a 70 degree day and sunny to light snow accumulation. This how ever has been very good for us because we just haven't stopped. As I posted before the drainage came out really nice on #2 approach and there is very little squish from water. In between that project we have been cleaning up mulch beds and cart paths from the recent storms and will make our way into bunkers as soon as possible. 

There were suggestions last year, if we could create a crossing on #16 for walkers and if we could extend the fairway closer to the creek. We are happy to say that the crossing is complete and the grow in extension is progressing along nicely.. Our most current project is opening up the drainage on #6 green. We have discovered some interesting things but still there is one commonality so far, the main drain line has no positive fall for the water to exit. This green is comprised of two systems, one in the back and one in the front. Today the back is complete and we are exposing the front section for repair. 

16 crossing

#16 Fairway extension

#6 green exposing the main line

What did we find in the pipe? Mud!

Why did we find the mud? Because of a home made cross "T" that
separated underneath.

Putting the first section back together.

Prepping the front section of the green for a look.

Friday, February 8, 2013

#2 Drainage coming to a close

We have been progressing well on the completion of this drainage project, all 907 feet. And we are excited to see the results of our work in the next rain storm.  As I mentioned before this will improve the play ability of the approach and the aesthetics surrounding the cart path edge.

Drain lines ready for Sand

Adding and Tamping Sand

Carefully placing the sod back

Sod work complete

Now that the water has a place to go (under the path),
the cart path edge will look much better.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Course Update

Even with the cold temperatures and snow occasionally we have been moving right along. At this point we are in a rather large drainage project on hole #2. This approach has been notoriously wet every year and it eventually drains, turning the cart path into a muck fest. This scenario could not go on any longer and we are confident that not only you will see a drastic improvement to how the approach plays but also limiting the amount of damage we receive on the cart path edge.  
You can actually see the standing water

The cart path edge that would remain wet.

Here you can see how we had to go under the path.
The pavers will be removed and concrete installed for a larger radius,

Sod removed and ready for trenching

Working our way through each new line removing the soil