Friday, February 24, 2012

Course Update

It is that time of year again when we start to divert all of our labor into preparing the bunkers for the upcoming season. Our first bunker happens to be the fairway bunker on #15. We started here because we had some drainage install inconsistencies and we felt we needed to address this right away. For example, there was a drain basin installed next to the bunker to catch any surface water running down the fairway. Ordinarily this would work great but in this case it was diverted into the bunker drainage. Problems that you have which we did was to much water entering the bunker from below the sand (bunker drain lines)  and the ability for debris to enter the basin and clogged the bunker drainage, which has happened. We removed this basin and sloped the intermediate away to divert surface water from washing out the bunker. 

Starting next week our team will start on #1 and moving forward for the next month edging bunker edges, checking depths and adding sand. Our tree work is complete with only 6 trees removed and chipped. You may notice during the season a few dead trees in the reforestation areas. We have been instructed by the City to leave the trees alone for the native wildlife. 

Partially Complete After
Chipped Tree Pile

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Project Updates

The project on #8 bathroom has been coming along recently. I took a break to focus on other things but we are nearing completion very soon. Fairway topdressing and aerifying have been completed for the second time and this is a first that we are done this early, with the exception of the verti-quake which we have 9 holes to complete. In March we will commence the deep tine on the fairways and all we will do here is poke a 3/4 inch hole to a depth of 6-8 inches. Drainage on #11, #15 and #18 next to the paths are complete and if we get rain today this will be a perfect opportunity to see how it works and to perform some adjustments. Also we have completed some strategic re-contouring of some bunker edges to route the water away from the bunker rather than running in to it there by washing out the bunker edge . Currently today we are focusing in on the tie in behind the 10th green adding soil, seed and cover hopefully before the rain comes. 
Beams Before

New beams and posts installed

#6 left green side bunker

Behind 10 green tie in

Monday, February 13, 2012

More Drainage

Yes, this year has been the winter of drainage projects. As previously posted numerous areas have been equipped with new and sometimes improved drainage. We try to save small projects when we have frost in the mornings and one of these happens to be the drainage on 15. Back ground on the area is there were two wet spots that were near the path. We assumed one was from the bunker drain in front of the green, we did not realize that the other drain was our greens main drain line that just day lighted next to the path. To remedy this situation we installed 2 basins, the first being at the exit point for the bunker and the second at the exit point of the green drain line, both have been connected. The choice of installing two basins was first to catch any surface water from the path and second if the need arises we can chase back up the pipes if we need to clean them out. We then proceeded to cut the path and have it dumped into the native area. 
Pipe sticking out is from the bunker.

Bottom of the picture is the green drain line exit point.

Cut path where the pipe will exit.

Another area of concern is on 18, the picture was taken last year in the spring. This will also be worked on when there are days of heavy frost in the days to come.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Its now February 1st!

The clock is ticking down and before we know it spring will be here, although it feels that it has arrived already. Projects continue as long as the weather holds up. I did hear that the Farmers Almanac says we are supposed to get a heavy snow storm in the middle of February. If that happens then I am a true believer to the almanac. In regards to the drain on 7 cart path near the green this being finished up today and will be a great addition to this area.

Members that play the pro tee on #2 will no longer have to worry about the head that was placed in the middle of the tee. We are moving it to the side and actually it will benefit the right side rough where there is little irrigation coverage.

And how is the seed on 16 creek doing? See below!