Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Course Maintenance Update 3/24/2010

To say that we have a few projects going on is an understatement. We have started to mulch around the trees which you will notice on #18 and #1 and we anticipate to be finished in a few weeks. Our current major project has to deal with the on going puddle left of the #18 green. The cart path has a severe low in this area and to remedy this we are installing a drain basin to divert the water to drain down the path towards the tees with the help of our friendly gas pipeline employees. Also in this area we have relocated the Japanese Maple to its new location in front of the gold tee on #10.  Some outstanding drainage issues that we hope to complete are located in the areas of  #12 right of the green and #14 approach. Usually we have already started the bunker preparations for the up coming season but the plant for the sand has been down due the winter snows in West Virginia. I anticipate starting the work next week and will move as quickly as possible to edge and add sand to the appropriate depths.  The fairway topdressing is going very well, the holes that have been  completed are 11-18. You will notice slight differences as the sand works its way down and the grass begins to grow.

On a topic of course etiquette we have not been open very long and I have noticed that we are not repairing our ball marks. This time of the year it is extremely important because of how wet we tend to be. So please keep an eye out for yours and others that you may see.  Stay tuned for more enhancements.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Course Opening

This past weekend we have a received over 3" of rain, with minimal damaged to the golf course. We are currently working to get the golf course in a playable condition. The scheduled day to open is Thursday March 18th, please remember we are behind on our winter projects and I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

#14 Pond Project

 The pond restoration on #14 has gone very well given the conditions that have taken place in the last two months. The picture above has been seeded and erosion control complete. They are working themselves back out of the golf course and currently awaiting the staging area to dry down to grade and sod. Due to the current weather conditions, with rain in the next few days, they will be delayed but have a goal of early April to be completed and off the golf course. As for next week, we still plan on opening between March 16th - 19th. As we get closer to these dates I will have a better idea and communicate this to you all. When we do open I please ask for your patience in the spring  as we are behind on some essential projects. Some of these include top dressing of fair ways, sodding areas in the rough along with cart path edges, bunker preparations for the upcoming season and mulching around trees. As always please fell free to email with any questions or comments at

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Course Opening

Projected next week temperatures look to be promising, hovering around the high 40's to low 50's with Monday even coming closer to 60. We should see a lot of the snow melt. Once the snow melts the conditions will be extremely wet. At this moment in time we are projecting to open the golf course the week of March 16 but could very well be closer to the end of that week.  Please do not hesitate to email for any other questions at