Friday, September 28, 2012

Course Update

September has been a brutal month for establishing grass from seed. The rains when they have come have registered below a tenth of an inch, nothing really to help out but enough to wet the cart path. The rough has been steadily progressing from our initial start on 7 and 8 to going #1 forward. As of today we are almost done seeding #12 and just a hand full of spots on the back such as in front of the creek on 16. Our most recent achievement is #5 which as you play the hole you will notice that we have germination on the intermediate and the rough, this area next week will look much better as the grass continues to grow along with 6 and 9. 

Of course in our high traffic areas we can only do so much with seed that starting today we have begun to strip areas and prepare them for sod. This is phase two of the rough project and we opted to wait on #1 and #2 so they can grow in a little more. In a week we will have a clearer picture on what needs to be done. With that being said we jumped to #3 and cleared out the left side rough at the beginning of the fairway, working our way selectively removing the bermuda and thin areas. Along with trucks of sod coming in you will also see more work being performed on the intermediate around the greens and on the back nine. 

On another note we are mowing down our native areas to continue to combat the summer weeds such as thistle. This is a good time to do this because any weeds that do germinate will be killed by the first frost. Basically we are giving the native grass more opportunities to fill in. 

#5 Intermediate and Rough germinating
#3 at the beginning of the fairway, sod prep.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Rough Update

The rough on #7 and #8 is filling in quite well, actually #8 is performing better because I does not stay as wet  as the left side of the fairway as on #7. Next week we will start the sodding process on these holes, such as traffic areas and really just cleaning up any unwanted grasses. So look for hole like areas in the rough until we order a truck for the end of next week. 
One thing that we are doing on the fairway edge is removing the first 4 inches and making a seed and soil mix to re-establish the edge, this will give us that crisp defined edge between the fairway and the intermediate. It started as a trial which turned out great. We will continue this next week on #8 along with our second phase of bringing in rough sod for the golf course. 
Cutting the edge
Finished edge

Notice the edge, much more defined (#7).