Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Golf Course Update

Golf Course Conditions
The weather is finally getting warmer and soon enough the golf course will begin to wake up from the cold winter. There have been numerous projects that have taken place on the golf course between the snows and sometimes during. With our line of work, we can only wait for so long until we have to try something to get ahead.  Even though the winter was hard to work around, we actually have completed a lot of projects that were needed.

·         Removed Dead trees and ground stumps
·         Drainage installed on #3 Fairway,#12 Approach,#13 Approach,#14 Approach, #15 in front of fairway, #16 near bridge
·         New approach installed on #4, extended the fairway #16
·         Area for “Operation Pollinator”, more information to follow
·         Irrigation repairs
·         50 bluebird houses installed for wildlife enhancement
·         Fairway aerifiaction and top dressing
·         Greens aerification

We choose to aerify the greens as early as we can so that they will be healed up in April. This practice has been well received in years past. The aerification process is a necessary evil which will pay benefits in the near future. There are a number of other things that we have to take care of such as bunker prep. This requires us to check depths, add sand where needed and blow the sand off the edges of the grass. This is priority number one and will be completed this week. Other unsightly areas of concern are cart path edges and where we ground the tree stumps. These areas will be either seeded or sod will be laid down depending on the area.  Our Tee aerification will most likely begin in the first part of April and will not interfere with play. Following the Tee aerification, we will aerify the rough as quickly as possible and deep tine the fairways. Mulching of the trees will also be on going in the month of April. As you can see, we have a lot on our plate and will be working extremely hard so that we can catch up. In a nut shell, pardon our mess as you come out to play in the next few weeks. We can assure you that once the weather warms and the grass begins to grow, the course appearance will be one of which you will be proud.

Lastly, I wanted to mention our communication additions for the year. As you are all aware communication is key and sometimes it is very valuable for people to understand what it is we are actually doing and most importantly, why we do it. Lakewood does have a blog for course maintenance ( as well as a new twitter account (@Lakewood_Greens) for real time updates along with the Proshop at (@Lakewood_Golf).  Having a new web site and other new forms of communication will serve you better during the up and coming golf season.

Phil Desbrow, Golf Course Manager

Thursday, March 12, 2015