Monday, October 31, 2016

Course Update

This week it is full steam ahead with agronomic programs.

  • We have already begun to deep tine fairways and look to finishing them up this week or early part of next week. This is a must process to facilitate deep rooting as well as promote good drainage. 

  • Greens were vert-cut in two directions followed by a light top dressing. The objective is to cut out the over growth of bentgrass and to tighten up the canopy. Following this, top dressing is applied to firm up the surface. 

  • This past summer we experienced a large amount of wet wilt on our tees.  We have been given access to a Graden that cuts a slit into the turfgrass and drops sand into it. This program is necessary so that we can improve our drainage and promote a healthy playing surface.  It is a long process and our goal is to have all the tees done this week.  

We are also completing the rough aerification. With over 80 acres of rough this too is a long process and takes time. Once the rough is aerified, we will follow up with compost. Over the years compost has been a big part for our rough. With limited irrigation in most places, the compost helps retain moisture as well as create a much better growing medium for the turfgrass.  Our bi-annual fairway top dressing program will commence in late November or early December and more to follow when this begins.