Thursday, June 21, 2012

New changes

This past Wednesday we implemented a new technique in the way that we maintain the bunker complexes. Typically we hand rake every bunker here with a rake that is very similar to a leaf rake. This leaves behind random high and low channels in the sand creating an inconsistent look and hurts the play ability factor. The new change is, instead of raking we are going to broom them with push brooms.  The main objective is for the ball to release and roll down the hill rather than hanging up on the edge. This will help you play out of them much easier and will help in protecting the edge and keep the faces firm. The final look is a smooth bunker that will channel the ball to the low area. 

We are close to wrapping up our new mulch bed on 18 and so far I have seen numerous people being able to find there ball and of course save a stroke. This should help with pace of play and brings a new fresh look.

If you look hard you can see that balls landed at the top then rolled down, precisely our plan.




Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Some Helpful Tips to maximize your Driving Range Tee

Below you will find an article by the USGA on how to more efficiently use the Driving Range Tee.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Advantageous Weather

With the jet stream dipping lower than normal this year it has really cooled off the day and night time temperatures. We have been taking advantage of this by doing some practices that you would normally not do  this time of year. In fact last year the temperatures where in the mid 90's this time of year. 

This past Monday we broomed greens followed with a mow. Yes we once again used our pull behind broom attachment that has been working really well. I have said before that over time the grass blades can get laid over and the mower actually will not mow them. The broom stands up the grass and when we mow right after we get a much better cut. Take a look at the photos below.

Broom First to stand up grass

Mow second

On the inches side (left) you can see the grass standing up,
On the millimeter side (right) you can see the how the mower cut everything evenly.

Another maintenance practice that is taking place is the tees are being verti-cut to remove any excess grass tissues. With the high volume that a tee can produce it can cause the tee to become soft and spongy, not necessarily thatchy but just a lot of top growth. By removing this material with blades that cut down and in we can firm up the tees and also allow the surface to breath a little when the high temperatures arrive. Once we mow them we also in turn will be able to get a much better cut and have a more level tee surface. 

Last but not least I have been asked to mention to you all that if we can keep your trashed contained in your carts or placed in the trash can you would make a member very happy and myself. I would also like to point out that as you park next to the tee or green that you keep your tires on the asphalt. Some areas have really taken a beating such as near #12 green and the back of #18. So just keep a look out for these concerns.