Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Course Update

It has been a busy March for us so far and this morning we are experiencing our first frost delay of the Month. We have been very bust mowing everything which is out of the norm. We did finish the bunkers on 13 along with a small project on #14. This all started with last year having water coolers set out that would leak and cause the area to be wet and then ultimately turn into mud as you walk through it. We decided to poor a 10x10 concrete pad that will house all of our items such as divot bottle holders, new ice cooler, water cooler and trash can. This will make a better appearance and will also function very well for the food and beverage team to set up a tent for  special events. Until our next post keep a look out for beds being mulched and bunkers being edged and sand added where needed.
13 Back side bunker

13 left side bunker

Poring Pad

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Update

With the weather this week one can only feel that summer is around the corner. We are experiencing warmer temperatures than normal and it really shows on the the amount of play that has been coming through. You may have already noticed but work is being perform on #13 green side bunkers. Here we are re-claiming the original edge and  adding bunker liner to the top face of the bunker. The liner will help with wash outs and sand contamination from the clay bottom. The greens have received there first mowing last week and second today and they are really starting to green up with the warm weather. Greens 2,3,6,8 are now open for play with just a little more healing to go on #2 and #3. As always take the extra time to fix your ball mark and one other. This past weekend did not fare well on this when we stepped on the greens Monday morning. We intend to have a good season as it relates to ball marks and hope that every one can keep an eye out.
13 rt side bunker prep

Removing sand from the face to prepare for the liner