Monday, January 26, 2015

Course Update

Last week, we made a good push to finish our drainage project on #3 cart path edge before the mid- week snow.  We needed to pay close attention to how we floated the concrete so that the water will flow into the drain basin, with careful manipulation they were successful. That following weekend rain occurred and we were able to see how well it worked.  Once the weather turns for the better, our next path project will be on #11 next to the green. This will be very similar as to what we have already accomplished and should go much smoother. 

All 50 bluebird nesting boxes are out on the golf course, this makes a grand total of 74 boxes for the entire club property. On Friday, when I was looking at the ninth hole from the 59 patio, I noticed some bird activity already in one of the new box's. Irrigation repairs have been progressing nicely. When we drained our system for the winter, we noticed a few drain valves that were not functioning properly.  So, we need to replace them before the system is fired up for this season.

As usual, when we experience bad weather, we do have alternate plans for the staff. They are working on sanding and staining benches, painting tee markers, course cups and ball washers. 

A soft reminder, we are approaching our greens winter aerification.  We typically start this the first week of February, weather permitting. There will be more to follow on our process so stay tuned.

Mixing the concrete by hand.

Dye was added to the concrete so it will blend in with the
existing asphalt. 

Water is moving into the drain!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Course Update

We are making great progress on our winter project list and will utilize the next couple of days to get ahead. Our drainage project on 3 involved cutting out the cart path and installing a drain basin to capture the water. Our plan, is to start and finish this tomorrow, taking advantage of the warm weather.

Our annual Audubon Program is in full swing, where we will be installing 50 bluebird houses on the golf course. This will bring more bird activity in hopes of decreasing the summer insects such as beetles, flies, dragonflies, stinkbugs, cicadas, flying ants, damselflies, moths, grasshoppers, wasps and other flying insects. 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Friday, January 2, 2015

Temporary Greens

Today, we have moved the pins off the greens and on to the approaches for the next two months.  It's very important to remove the traffic from the greens surface because of the winters freeze and thaw cycles.  Unfortunately, when we have warm days, the soil at the top 1 inch could be thawed and below still frozen. This creates a water table only an inch below the surface. When you apply traffic to that, you have the chance to actually cut off your roots you are trying to grow for next year and increase your compaction.  Lastly, the turf is not growing and not able to recover from ball marks.  Being proactive now, will set us up for a successful next season.